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Stretch ceilings with gloss


High gloss ceilings

The mirror ceiling is one of the most popular ceilings. The glossy coating makes the material bounce like a mirror. Dark ceilings are usually preferred due to the best mirror effect. The appearance of shiny ceilings has become a real revolution in the design of ceilings and the interior as a whole. It is difficult to find a more spectacular and at the same time very simple ceiling design. That is why many customers do not stop choosing shiny stretch ceilings. Glossy ceilings are perfect for any room: apartments, houses, offices, shopping centers, cafes, bars, restaurants.

The shiny ceilings are perfect not only in homes, but also in offices, wedding halls, hotels and restaurants. Thanks to a gentle reflection in the ceiling surface, they give the interior a sense of spaciousness. We know how important the end result is, that's why we provide:

► experienced fitters

► wide selection of foil colors

► shiny foils without creases

► consultancy and help of the designer

In every implementation, we make every effort to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied and can continue to recommend us without any doubts.

Top quality materials

After hundreds of realizations that we have created, we know how important the materials from which we create stretch ceilings are. Thanks to our experience, we can ensure that we use only and only proven ceilings from a leading Polish manufacturer for assembly.

To our client, he did not have to worry that something will happen to the ceiling, we ensure that:

► The foils have 15 years of warranty

► It have all Polish certificates and certificates

► we can present appropriate qualifications in the installation of ceilings

Throngs of satisfied customers and hundreds of implementations show that we are able to create such ceiling as the customer desires.


Illuminated stretch ceilings


Effective illuminated ceilings

Impress your design double by installing lighting effects on the ceiling. We enliven the mood of the room, give it a healthy and cheerful look, scattering and softening the light. Semi-transparent fabric combined with integrated lighting gives a stylish effect.
Transparent stretch ceilings can rightly be considered the novelty of the last season in the installation of stretch ceilings. This is done using a special foil that transmits up to 50% of light. The lighting tape is mounted directly under the cover, which creates the effect of full diffusion of light, as if using a frosted glass. Stained light ceilings are a guarantee:

► quick and clean assembly

► a modern ceiling without creases

► a great look of a glowing ceiling

We will help you choose the most suitable material and type of lighting. When designing the ceiling, we can provide advice to the interior designer who will professionally advise and design the ceiling in accordance with your expectations.

The best technology on your ceiling

When choosing the right stretch ceiling with backlight, it is very important to make it from the best quality materials. We know how important it is, so when installing our ceilings we use only proven and the best quality products:

► ceilings from a reliable Polish producer

► LED strips with Epistar quality diode

Illuminated ceiling, it can shine in any color, all its surface or point. Almost any type of ceiling, you can additionally personalize using the selected graphics. It gives almost unlimited possibilities of arrangement.

Choosing the installation of the illuminated ceiling you get:

► 15 year warranty on foil

► 25,000 hours of LEDs with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty

► professional assembly and consultancy

Our goal is to make the customer happy and recommend us to his friends. Let's talk about mounting the ceiling for you.


Matt stretch ceilings


An alternative to known technologies

Matt stretch ceiling provides a smooth finish to the ceiling. Fits classic or rural style. It is perfect for any decor and all kinds of lighting, from LED to antique chandeliers. Matt ceilings are rich in material density and are not harmful or allergic. Matt ceilings do not reflect light; they perfectly blend with furniture and wall claddings in various styles. Matt stretched ceilings replace classic stucco or whitewashed ceilings. Matte ceilings are used in residential and commercial spaces to give style, and to hide surface imperfections.

Fast, clean, efficient

Stretch ceilings are installed in clean conditions. You do not have to take out the furniture or glue the floors and walls with a protective foil. Depending on the size of the room, we can enjoy the final effect even within a few hours of starting the assembly. Each type of foil, including matte, can be printed with the selected pattern. This makes the stretch ceiling become a decorative element, and not just an ordinary vault in the room. You can also use backlight for matte foils. If you want to achieve a dazzling effect, in a short period of time - choose a stretch ceiling made of foil.



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