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Stretch Ceilings Are Our Passion

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Stretch ceilings

The stretch ceiling is made of an elastic material that, after heating, is stretched and attached to aluminum strips attached to the walls or the appropriate ceiling in a given room.

We can cover it with the ever-breaking ceiling, installations fixed to the ceiling, but above all it gives great possibilities for an interesting and original interior design. The flexible material does not absorb moisture, therefore it is ideal for installation in swimming pools and is anti-static which means that it does not attract dust and looks like new for many years.

Stretch ceilings are ideal for modern and unique interiors.

Stretch ceilings are ideal for modern and unique interiors.

The highest quality PVC foil is used for making stretch ceilings. The foil tightens under the influence of heat on the aluminum profiles and the frame.

On the foil, we can print any pattern, drawing, motif or photo.


Living rooms


Dance clubs

Wedding halls

Conference Rooms

Swimming pools


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